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18 Jan 24

BIKE HOME, New in Saint-Loup-Géanges

We have obtained Accueil Vélo certification!

This means that cycle tourists can stop off at our guest house!

Meeting all the criteria, we are happy to announce that upon your arrival, you will be pampered, your bikes will be kept safe, a first repair kit will be made available to you, charging for your batteries is also available, and of course, you will be given complete documentation on the surrounding cycle paths.

Burgundy - Franche Comté, there are more than 3000 km of cycle routes to discover!

Burgundy-Franche-Comté is renowned for its remarkable heritage, its cities of art and history and its villages of character , its gentle hills, its mountain ranges of the Jura and the Vosges, its world-renowned vineyards and its gastronomy.

Burgundy-Franche-Comté is a cycling destination for everyone , both leisurely and sporty, equipped with all the services for cyclists. To be preferred without hesitation for your next vacation or weekend by bike. Among its most emblematic routes: The Tour de Bourgogne by Bike and the Great Crossing of the Massif Central by Mountain Bike (GTMC) in Burgundy, The Great Crossings of the Jura by Bike or Mountain Bike in the Jura Mountains, or the EuroVelo 6 and The Voie Bleue which crosses the region from one side to the other.

To reach the first cycle path from our house, you must go to the Tacot track, named after the old railway line. This connects Beaune (Côte d'Or) to Allerey-sur-Saône (Saône et Loire), over a distance of 22.7km.

In Allerey-sur-Saône, the TACOT route joins EUROVELO 6 (Atlantic-Black Sea) EuroVelo 6 | Atlantic - Black Sea - EuroVelo and the BLUE route Moselle-Saône The Blue Way - Moselle Saône by bike: 700 km of journey along the water

The EUROVELO 6 will take you to Chalon-sur-Saône SLB018537-Carte-Velotourisme-2023-700x478-FR-EN.pdf (tourinsoft.eu) , departure point for many routes:

- Large loop of Southern Burgundy 145km

- Bressane Route 68km

-Tour of Burgundy 800km

You will travel towards Macon to the South, Autun to the West, Paray-le-Monial to the South-West or Lons-le-Saunier to the East.

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30 Jul 23

A typical day for a host...

You may be wondering about the hosting profession?

I have only a very small experience in this area, since I opened my guest rooms for rent on June 16 of this year, barely 45 days ago. And I must say that it's been a great and rich experience, both from the point of view of the encounters and from that of the general organisation.

What is my typical day when I have guests in the house?

I get up early, at 6 a.m. (that's no problem for me, I love to start the day by following the adage ""the day belongs to those who get up early") My first thing is to walk to the village baker, with whom I have set up a partnership.

After having had a good breakfast - essential for me - I start the preparations for my guests:charcuterie and cheese platter, cut fruit platter, large quantities of coffee, presentation of homemade cakes, fresh fruit juice, hard-boiled eggs, etc. I set up a pretty table (every detail counts, the cloth napkin, the pretty dishes, the tablecloth that goes well, etc. under the large lime tree in the garden on sunny days.

From 8 a.m. the first guests arrive, who often have a long road ahead of them. This moment continues until 9:30 am. People of all nationalities meet here, they chat in all languages, I try somehow to express myself in very rough English, but which is finally enough to be understood.

As soon as breakfast is over, the cleanliness marathon starts: cleaning the rooms, the bathrooms, redoing the beds, vacuuming the hair of the doggies (we accept to receive guests accompanied by their pet), scouring, etc. From then on, the washing machine is running at full speed! And elbow grease too! It's the waltz of rags and brooms!… What pride when the door closes on a clean room, which smells of fresh laundry, and to say to myself: this one, I will rent it for my holidays!

In the meantime, of course, I hung up the laundry and folded the one from the day before.

Lunch time arrives, then a few hours of rest - or not: shopping for all these little people, finding local producers, taking care of the garden (magnificent), managing reservations, accounting, answering many emails customers, calling Booking, Expedia and the others (no two work the same way and it's a bit complicated), planning communication for social networks, tourist offices, the press, launch mailings etc.

Arrive 5 pm, time of arrival of the first guests. I am available in my small furnished office that I share with Patrick, my architect husband who is still working, and busy too! My 4 sets of keys are ready, I love giving them to guests and accompanying them to show them their room, the common rooms and the garden.We always take the opportunity to tell a little about where we come from, each other. Dutch, Belgians, Swiss, Germans, Swedish, French, Italians….we welcome people from everywhere! They are always very interested in our own experience: we left Alsace to settle here, I left my job as a librarian, we sold our house to buy this one….it's a little intriguing…

When all these little people have arrived and settled in (it can last until after 8 p.m. sometimes), I finally rest!

When possible, we take our bikes to discover the region, we visit the surroundings, or we simply take a long aperitif-dinner break alone.

End of the day: sleep, sweet dreams……the alarm clock will ring at 6am!



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22 Jul 23

We tested: Beaune Côté Plage

A 100% natural swim, do you like it?

In an exceptional natural site, Beaune Côté Plage invites you to experience a real moment of relaxation and well-being. With its 14,000 m² of grassy beaches and its 4 natural swimming pools, Beaune Côté Plage is the ideal place to rest, recharge your batteries, move, laugh and have fun.

Tobogganing, diving boards, climbing, liana… so many activities among others for the pleasure of young and old!

The entire bathing area uses a natural filtration system through which the water used is treated by a biological self-purification system.

All the information can be found here: https://beaunecoteplage.com/fr/



23 Jun 23

Chalon Festival in the Street 2023

The Chalon dans la rue 2023 festival will take place from July 19 to 23.

The biggest street arts festival in France returns for a 36th edition in Chalon-Sur-Saône.

Live shows, artistic performances, digital arts, scenic creations… nothing is forgotten, and all artistic forms are given pride of place.

Each year, for 5 days, the festival brings together more than 160 French and international companies and offers more than 1000 performances.

The detailed program can be found in this link: https://www.chalondanslarue.com/fr/programmation-2023/programmation-detaillee

No doubt you will find one or the other proposal to book!

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14 Jun 23



What a joy to announce the opening of the 4 guest rooms! They have all been prepared, decorated, furnished, and are ready to welcome you.

The Colette room will seduce you with its half-timbering and its view of the garden, splendid in all seasons.

The Lamartine room is spacious, a removable table awaits guests who would like to use it as an office, or board game table, for example. Its direct exit to the garden provides a great feeling of freedom.

The Hugo room has 3 single beds: ideal for a group of friends or siblings.

The Bobin room offers undeniable intimacy and well-being. Its half-timbered wall is also very pretty.

Each of these rooms is accessible on one level! No need to carry your suitcases, the car park - free - is in the inner courtyard, close to the rooms for easy access.

Finally, the breakfast room also acts as a small lounge accessible during the day and evening, to whoever would like to read there, play there (many board games at your disposal), play the piano (at your disposal), have a drink (method and prices on request). The garden is also open, a landscaped area reserved for guests awaits you.

GOOD STAY with us!